Altro Canto / Mea Culpa Co-production Akadêmia/Ballets de Monte-Carlo



  • Altro Canto
  • Mea Culpa

Co-production Akadêmia/Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Chassé-Croisé to mark the 20th year of the Monegasque company’s existence

Baroque music is an art of movement, an art of ornamentation, an art of contrast, an art of emotions. It cannot help being theatre and dance rather than “pure” music. Within its field of tensions, the parallel between the “affective” body of the dancer and the voice seems perfectly natural.

Altro Canto has been performed on the most prestigious stages around the world (USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, France…)
Mea Culpa had a partial revival with Mercy, performed in Los Angeles, Moscow and London

Altro Canto
choreography: Jean-Christophe Maillot
music: Claudio Monteverdi

Mea Culpa
choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
music: Heinrich Schütz
with Bernice Coppieters and the company dancers


  • Le Monde (19/04/2006)
  • Le Monde (19/04/2006)

    Printemps des arts, Grimaldi Forum, Monte-Carlo

    “Presented in the context of the Printemps de arts in Monaco and with the support of the director of the event, Marc Monnet, this “Chassé-Croisé” is presented in two parts, as two pieces, one, Altro Canto,  signed by Maillot,  the other, Mea Culpa, by Cherkaoui, .

    They are both supported by the presence of the ancient music ensemble, Akadêmia, directed by Francoise Lasserre, with her infectious gestural vitality.

    (…) Altro Canto successfully distils a deep mystery, with a mesmerising choreography; flying arms, pas de deux that reinvent embraces. (…) Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui piles up the clichés while criticising them, with such sincerity that he leaves us speechless. Nothing is exempt from his false naivety, he revels in defying the chic bourgeois decorum that imbues this heterogeneous piece with intriguing magnetism.”

    Rosita Boissean (Le Monde, 19/04/2006)


    Altro Canto (2012)