Water Music Telemann – Vivaldi – Haendel

Watermusic Akadêmia


  • Georg Philipp Telemann
    Overture in C major “Hamburger Ebb’ und flut”
  • Antonio Vivaldi
    Concerto pour Violon “La Tempesta di mare”
    opus 8 n° 5
  • Georg Friedrich Haendel
    Water Music, 1ère suite


The Water Music has ensured Handel’s posthumous fame, firing listeners’ imaginations with its alteration of fast and slow movements, by turns incisive and gentle. First performed in 1717, when Handel had recently settled in London, the Water Music was intended to enliven the court’s boat-trip on the Thames and the banquet after its arrival at Chelsea.

This ‘must” of the Baroque repertoire is joined on the programme by a suite by Telemann evoking Thetis, Neptune and Aeolus, and Vivaldi’s dazzingly virtuosic violin concerto La Tempest di mare, n°5 of Il cimento dell’armonia e dell’invenzione op.8.

Akadêmia :

18 instrumentalists

Françoise Lasserre, conductor


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Concert Water Music, Vitry-le-François