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    Vespro 1610

Three anthologies of sacred music gather almost all of Claudio Monteverdi’s religious music. Chronologically his second collection Selva Morale e Spirituale (1640-41) occupies a unique place among the similar publications by the composer’s contemporaries. The volume of his work is highly impressive: 37 vocal parts, distributed in a highly varied manner between 1 to 8 voices, a great diversity of style with compositions that are unquestionably inspired by the past, while others have the innovative ardour of the secunda prattica.

Akadêmia :

22 singers
16 instrumentalists


  • La Montagne (14 February 2010)
  • La Montagne (14 February 2010)

    Vespers for a Confessor, Eglise Saint-Genes-les-Carmes, Clermont-Ferrand

    “Akadêmia, the vocal and instrumental ensemble conducted by Françoise Lasserre, has revisited the Vespers by the famous Italian composer, rendering them with intense emotion […] From the first moments, the church was pervaded by an emotionally charged atmosphere”.

    “A moment of grace that touches and warms the soul for the duration of the concert, driving out the freezing cold that has taken up residence in town”.

    Anne-Chloé Foirry (La Montagne, 14 February 2010)

  • L’Indépendant (27 March 2010)
  • L’Indépendant (27 March 2010)

    Vespers for a Confessor, Théâtre l’Archipel, Perpignan

    « Here, we admire the overall musical execution that overwhelms with its stunning Baroque eloquence. The careful attention to detail in no way alters the spontaneity of a reading close to the Venetian splendour of the works. 

    L’Indépendant (27 March 2010)

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    Vespers of St John the Baptist

    Dixit Dominus Secondo Claudio Monteverdi - Selva Morale & Spirituale


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