Armonia e Invenzione Antonio Vivaldi

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  • Antonia Vivaldi
    The Four Seasons
    Nisi Dominus
    Amor, hai vinto, Cantata per contralto, due violini, viola e bassoNisi Dominus

If the value of a work has anything to do with its notoriety … we should situate the 4 concertos taken from Il Cimento dell’Armonia e dell’ Invenzione at the peak of Western musical production! They were published in 1725, in Amsterdam and the compositions were associated with sonnets describing the successive appearances of nature. The concertos excel with their exuberance, spontaneity, and their imagination.

A real concerto for voice, Nisi Dominus seems to be better suited to a concert than to a service, to the theatre rather than to the church. The 9 sections display an incredible variety.

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