La Morte d’Orfeo A pastoral tragi-comedy in five acts

La Morte d'Orfeo


  • Stefano Landi
    La Morte d’Orfeo

    A pastoral tragi-comedy in five acts

Stefano Landi’s La Morte d’Orfeo was created between the first Orfeos that were set to music by Peri and Monteverdi, and the spectacular Roman style creation by Luigi Rossi.

La Morte d’Orfeo is an early work. We do not know under what circumstances this work, dedicated to Alessandro Mattei, a friend of Pope Paul V (Borghese), was performed. The author of the libretto also remains unknown, although it could have been Landi himself. We must however note the major innovations he introduced, which had been ignored by his predecessors. In his opera, Landi introduces comic elements as well as important choral scenes that contribute greatly to the architecture of the work. This in no way detracts from the tragic scenes that are all the more dramatic and intense. Recitative and melodic stanzas alternate, and all these elements come together in an opera that seems to be true forerunner of Baroque opera.

Akadêmia :

13 singers
19 instrumentalists


  • Répertoire (06/07)
  • Répertoire (06/07)

    Recording of La Morte d’Orfeo (Zig Zag Territoires)

    “Lasserre and her Akadêmia ensemble do a stunning job. The expanded instrumental forces, the incisive textures offer the ear a sonic theatre of astonishing presence in which we also witness the birth of a great Orfeo.”

    Vincent Borel, Répertoire, June 2007.

  • The Guardian (15/06/07)
  • The Guardian (15/06/07)

    Recording of La Morte d’Orfeo (Zig Zag Territoires)

    “It’s a fascinating glimpse of the beginnings of opera, beyond the towering achievements of Monteverdi.”

    Andrew Clements (The Guardian, 15/06/07)

  • Gramophone (10/07)
  • Gramophone (10/07)

    Recording of La Morte d’Orfeo (Zig Zag Territoires)

    “Thanks to the all-round excellence of the performance, the enterprise adds up to rather more than the sum of its parts. The action is interspersed with instrumental pieces by other composers, including a battalla by Andreas Falconieri featuring some terrific cornetto playing. ”

    Richard Lawrence (Gramophone, 10/07)

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