Il Mondo alla Roversa Baldassare Galuppi

Il mondo alla Roversa


  • Baldassare Galuppi
    ossia Le donne che comandano
    pera buffa en 3 actes
    Libretto de Carlo Goldoni

On an island in the Antipodes, at an unspecified moment in time, lives a community where the women are in charge and manage everything: power, war, the rules of seduction, love… The men sigh, sew, cook, and make themselves attractive… This is The World turned upside down. Carlo Goldoni uses this comedy to raise questions about power as well as the status of women in the 18t th century.

Stage Manager: Vincent Tarvernier
Scenography: Claire Niquet
Costume: Erick Plaza-Cochet
Lighting: Carlos Perez
Françoise Lasserre

Tullia: Marie Perbost
Rinaldino: Armelle Marq
Aurora: Dagmar Saskova
Graziosino: Olivier Bergeron
Cintia: Alice Habellion
Giacinto: David Witczak
Ferramonte: João Pedro Coelho Cabral
Choeur de l’Opéra Grand Avignon
Orchestra: Akadêmia

Co-production Akadêmia, Opéra Grand Avignon, Opéra de Reims


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