Missa concertata Pier Francesco Cavalli

Messe concertante Akadêmia


  • Pier Francesco Cavalli
    Missa concertata, Magnificat, sonates, antienne
    Musiche sacre -Venise 1656-

Although Cavalli’s reputation remains linked to opera, his journey through the musical spheres of Saint Mark’s Basilica, starting as a soprano in the capella at the age of 14, naturally leads him to the position of maestro di capella in 1668. This activity engenders a corpus of sacred music that is no less interesting than his stage music.

The 1656 compilation includes a missa concertata, psalms, a Magnificat, antiphons, hymns and sonatas.

The vocal pieces are composed in a modern style: he mingles the use of a double choir with Monterverdi’s secunda prattica, employing a variety of combinations of sounds… for the glory of the Most Serene.

Akadêmia :

16 singers
14 instrumentalists

Françoise Lasserre, conductor


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Vespro della Beata Vergine - Franscesco Cavalli

Missa est angelus - Dixit Dominus Franscesco Cavalli - Vespro della Beata Vergine


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